Branding brief - Pixels-Direct Design
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distinguish your business
from the competition

Your logo is the 24 hour face oto your business, product or service. By simply looking at a logo, like it or not we will immediately make judgements, and perceive a business, product or service in a certain way. This is why it’s essential that your logo correctly represents your business, as you want to attract the right audience.

  • Your details
  • Company description
  • Design requirements

Your details


Email address

Telephone number

Project Outline

What is your company called?

Do you have a company stapline?

Describe your business on one paragraph

Who is you target audience

Share you ideas on how you would like your logo to look

Describe the style/s that you would like for your logo

Are there any logos that you like/draw inspiration from and if so why?

Do you have specific colour preferences?

Is there is other information that would help us with the design?